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About us

Sichuan Zhongguang Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan Zhongguang High-tech Institute Co., Ltd, formerly known as the SPD Division of Sichuan Zhongguang High-tech Institute Co., Ltd. Due to the needs of company's business development, Sichuan Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd registered in 2004.

Application & Solution

As a professional industry application solutions provider, with 25 years of professional experience and development, Zhongguang Hi-tech is committed to research of theory lightning protection and application of various industries solutions, provide the solutions for the communications, energy, transportation, electricity, new photovoltaic, wind power and other clean energy and other high-tech application.

Our Product

With the most kinds of products, widely range of coverage, leading technology of application in domestic, Zhongguang Hi-tech is committed to develop new series of lightning protection products, covering to lightning directly stroke protection, surge protection, grounding products, intelligent lightning monitoring systems and components products.

Engineering & Solution

As the first national double A qualified professional lightning protection company, Zhongguang Hi-Tech has accumulated a wealth of experience, professional research and undertake the implementation of the various types of survey, design, construction and installation services of lightning protection engineering.


Zhongguang Hi-Tech is committed to develop new series of lightning protection products, to provide users with a variety of technical support and communication; actively participate in national and industry research topics and draw up all kinds of national and industry standards. We have premier provincial-level enterprise technical centers.

International Cooperation

Zhongguang Hi-Tech continues to expand and strengthen the marketing network, with international business and cooperation all over the world, We are expanding our business to the world through agents and industry partners, including Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Worldwide Service Hotline

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ZG can provide various professional lightning protection solutions and full range of advanced products, engineering supports and all services for our partners and customers.