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  • The ZGQ-06(TY) Lightning Counter
    The inductance probe of ZGQ-6(TY) Lightning Counter is installed at the conductor (generally the earth wire) through which the lightning current passes. In case of a lightning current, the inductance probe collects the current signal, and transforms it into the voltage signal, which is sent to the display unit controlled by the SCM for recording after processed.
  • The ZGQ-3 (TY) Lightning Counter
    The ZGQ-3 (TY) Lightning Counter cannot only record lightning strokes in some area accurately and timely, but also effectively monitor the quality of lightning rod or other lightning protection systems and their installation.
  • The ZGLJ-F1 Intelligent Lightning Monitor
    The ZGLJ-F1 Intelligent Lightning Monitor can have real-time and accurate monitoring of information about the lightning current and power frequency short-circuit current that struck the transmission tower.
This page is a total of 3 products
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